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Carovigno (Br)01 November 2020


Carovigno (Br)31 October 2020


Vittorito (Aq)09 October 2020


Melizzano (Bn)27 September 2020

Torgnon Endurance

Torgnon (ITA)30 July 2020

Pony Endurance

Torgnon (ITA)12 July 2020


Boudheib (UAE)13 December 2019

Boa Vista Ultra Trail

Boa Vista30 November 2019

Open ride International

Abu Dhabi02 November 2019

Autumn 2019

Samorin (SLK)12 October 2019

Endurance Slovakia Open

Samorin (SLK)23 August 2019


Città Della Pieve27 July 2019

Summer Spirit Race

Samorin (Slk)19 July 2019

National Ride

Bagnoli (Na)14 July 2019

International Ride

Chantilly (FRA)06 July 2019

Torgnon Endurance

Torgnon (ITA)24 June 2019

Compiegne International Ride

Compiegne (Fra)14 June 2019

Samorin International Ride

Samorin (Slk)14 June 2019


Castelsagrat (Fra)06 June 2019

Italian Championship

Arborea (OR)17 May 2019

International Ride

Rambouillet . (Fra)17 May 2019

International Ride

Samorin (SLK)11 May 2019

Love Endurance Vittorito

Vittorito (Aq)11 April 2019

International ride

Compiegne11 April 2019

International FEI Ride

Kings Forest05 April 2019

International ride

Dang Shan02 April 2019

Grand Parquet Endurance

Fontainebleau21 March 2019

HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan 13th Equestrian Intl. Festival Endurance

Al Khatem, Abu Dhabi14 February 2019

Follonica International

Follonica (Gr)16 November 2018

FEI Endurance ride

Shumen (BUL)26 October 2018

Autumn Classic

Samorin29 September 2018

WEC YH 2018

Samorin28 September 2018

FEI Endurance ride

Dwingeloo (NED)29 September 2018

Performance test

Samorin (SLK)24 September 2018

Trofeo Duca Caracciolo

Melizzano (Bn)16 September 2018

Wimmenau FEI ride

Wimmenau (FRA)25 August 2018

Cañuelas Endurance

Cañuelas (Arg)27 July 2018

Cañuelas Endurance

Cañuelas (Arg)25 July 2018

21° Trophy "Les Grandes Montagnes"

Torgnon (Ao)08 July 2018

21° Trophy "Les Grandes Montagnes"

Torgnon (Ao)07 July 2018

6° Raid Del Monferrato

Alfiano Natta (Al)08 June 2018

Russian Endurance Cup

Novoterskiy (Rus)26 May 2018

Campionato Italiano ANICA - TAPPA MiPAAF

Montalcino (Si)19 May 2018

Endurance Ermelo

Ermelo (NL)13 May 2018

Dutch Endurance Festival

Ermelo (NL)06 May 2018

2° Tappa Campionato Endurance Piemonte

Ozzano (Al)28 April 2018

Sardegna Endurance Festival

Arborea (Or)21 April 2018

Sardegna Endurance Festival

Arborea (Or)22 April 2018

Lawal Endurance

Chantilly-Avilly-saint-Leonard08 April 2018

Lawal Endurance

Chantilly-Avilly-saint-Leonard07 April 2018

Fontainebleau Endurance

Fontainebleau (Fra)31 March 2018

Fontainebleau Endurance

Fontainebleau (Fra)30 March 2018

1° Tappa Campionato Endurance Piemonte

Conzano Monferrato (Al)25 March 2018

Gallops of Morocco

Morocco26 February 2018

Boudheib Endurance Rides

Abu Dhabi15 December 2017

64 th Raid Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna (Esp)07 December 2017

Trofeo Dei Circoli Del Piemonte

Conzano Monferrato (Ita)26 November 2017

International FEI Ride

Follonica (Ita)18 November 2017

Endurance Franciacorta

Travagliato (Ita)21 October 2017

Brussels Equestrian Endurance Masters

Brussels (Bel)17 August 2017

20° Trofeo "Les Grandes Montagnes"

Torgnon (Ita)07 July 2017

Championnat De France Endurance

Lignieres (FRA)24 June 2017

FEI Endurance Ride

Kronborg (DEN)10 June 2017

Italian National Championship

San Vito Al Tagliamento (Ita)02 June 2017

Rambouillet Challenge Amateurs

Rambouillet (Fra)20 May 2017

Madrid Internationals Endurance in Capitals Challenge

Madrid (Esp)19 May 2017

Tordera International ride

Tordera (Esp)28 April 2017

CEI3* - CEI2* - CEIYJ2* - CEI1*

Vittorito (Aq)07 April 2017

Tordera International Ride

Tordera (Esp)10 March 2017

Follonica (Gr) CEI3* 94+94 km

Follonica (Gr)18 November 2016